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Trak CineCentre - Information Regarding SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

Updated as of Friday March 20 2020 - 2:30pm

In compliance with the Australian Government’s most recent recommendations, Trak CineCentre Management requests that Patrons please respect the following guidelines. These guidelines are effective from Saturday March 21 2020 – 10:30am.

Maximum Theatre Capacities
Cinema 1 – 46 Patrons
Cinema 2 – 33 Patrons
Cinema 3 – 11 Patrons

Theatre Seating Layouts
For indoor gatherings, Australian Government recommendations are:
4 square metres of floor space per occupant.
1.5 metres between each occupant – unless close friends or family.
Please use your common sense.
Staff are authorised to relocate you if they deem it necessary.

Rubbish and Food Restrictions
A reminder that our standard food restrictions apply – no hot food, smelly or messy food and drink, or food considered to be meal-like in nature is permitted in our theatres.
Please ensure that you take all rubbish with you and do not leave any items behind at the end of your session.
Please advise staff immediately of any spillages.

Compliance with these guidelines ensures that the Trak CineCentre can continue to operate during these circumstances.
Trak CineCentre Management reserves the right to deny admittance or to remove any patron as a result of failing to follow these guidelines or associated staff directives.

Updated as of Wednesday March 18 2020 - 1:00pm

The Trak CineCentre is open as normal, with general operations remaining unaffected.

The Trak's management continues to monitor official advisories, and will respond appropriately and promptly on the relevant advice and occasions.

We are aware of the restriction that the Australian Government has placed upon non-essential gatherings exceeding 100 attendees as of this morning. Given the capacity of our theatres and venue, and ongoing attendance statistics, it is unlikely that this restriction will have any effect upon us.

In addition to official advisories, the Trak CineCentre is also undertaking the following:

  • Our in-house prepared foods and drinks - choc tops, popcorn and coffee - currently remain available, but this may be reviewed in future.
  • While we are very supportive of reusable containers, we will not be accepting reusable cups until further notice. All of our disposable materials are compostable.
  • Our high standard of cleaning will occur on a more frequent basis, with additional attention being paid to all high-contact areas.
  • We are a general admission venue, but we do ask that attendees choose seats that allow adequate space between themselves and other attendees. The guideline is 1.5 metres.
  • Particularly keeping in mind a large proportion of the demographic of our theatre, we ask that you reconsider your attendance at the theatre if you're currently unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms.

  • Lastly and on a more personal note, we strongly urge you to support us during this time and while you are still able to. There has been a substantial drop in cinema attendance both in Australia and around the world, particularly during the past seven days, which is a very challenging scenario for any independently operated cinema. The Trak CineCentre was rescued from closure only twelve months ago, and while we have managed to improve the Trak's situation substantially during the last year, we're still on very shaky ground, and we have a long way to go before it is in a safe and comfortable position. It is only due to the uncompensated and substantial efforts of the Trak's two staff, and the very valued assistance of a handful of close friends and family, that the theatre has managed to remain in the position of being able to cover the costs of it's continued existence.

    What we care about here is the safety of our patrons, the safety of our two operators, and being able to stay here and continue to entertain Adelaide's moviegoers for as long as we can, and to keep an Adelaide institution alive that has been here since 1975.